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Debbie Reilly - 'Understanding Equus'


Horse Behaviour and Training Consultant, Horsemanship Coach - Dedicated to helping horses & humans develop trust based relationships through understanding & communication, Debbie founded the ‘Understanding Equus’ approach in 1998.

Educating horse owners, horse lovers & those working with horses, in the Art & Science of Horsemanship. Using scientifically based attachment aware approaches to learning, growth and development. Proven to improve the health, performance and well-being of both horses and humans.

Do you want to…

  • Increase your bond and build a positive, trust-based relationship with your horse.
  • Understand the link between emotions and behaviour, why horses behave the way they do, and what they are trying to tell us.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety for you and your horse.
  • Learn to listen & trust your intuition, to observe & ‘read’ your horse, to stay safe and become a more effective trainer for your horse.
  • Increase yours AND your horse’s confidence and fun.
  • Understand and implement different ways to change and shape behaviour to realize your dreams.
  • Improve yours and your horse’s wellbeing, success and enjoyment, whatever your preferred activities and riding discipline.
  • Challenge your preconceptions & limiting beliefs on what a relationship with horses can be…

Then join Debbie on your journey to Understanding Equus!

Freelance Services:

Private Consultations: A home visit, getting to know you and your horse. Ideal for assessing & implementing solutions to most communication & confidence issues, optimising your equine partnerships by building trust & good leadership from the ground into the saddle. Debbie will help you to find what you & your horse needs, inspiring & encouraging you both to be the best you can be.

Individual Coaching Sessions: Available for all repeat clients. Ideal for fine tuning techniques, taking the next step in your training program with help and support, and keeping you and your horse on the right track to a positive and fun future together.

Tailor Made Workshops: A fun, interactive and informal learning day, or days, covering all aspects of equine behaviour, psychology and communication. Arranged on a bespoke basis and can include a Talk, Demonstration, Q&A Session & Individual Consultations, depending on numbers and facilities. Topics include:

  • Equine communication & natural behaviour
  • Learning theories & adapting behaviour
  • Equine senses & Psychology 
  • Bonding & Liberty training
  • Classical, Natural & Positive training methods
  • Holistic health & complimentary therapies
  • Holistic management & problem solving
  • Personal development, Self awareness & Partnership skills

Equine Assisted Learning: An insightful and effective experiential learning opportunity, helping you to develop skills in:

  • Emotional intelligence and authentic leadership skills
  • Reading and recognizing subtle body language and communication
  • Self and other awareness and regulation
  • Building and maintaining successful relationships
  • Team work and development
  • Managing risk and dealing with conflict and change
  • Creating motivation, focus and engagement
  • Creativity and developing positive and rewarding environments
  • Developing strategy and achieving goals
  • Stress management and well-being

All Equine Assisted Learning sessions are arranged on a bespoke basis, please call to discuss your needs & requirements.

For prices & more details on any of these services please go to the Understanding Equus website or contact Debbie for an informal & no obligations chat on: 0771 573 2278

Ref: 1645-068

Link: www.nfed.co.uk/d.php?ref=68

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