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Furzedown Holistic Animal Rehabilitation & Education Ltd


We are located adjacent to The Fleet, a shallow tidal lagoon which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site on Dorset’s beautiful Jurassic Coastline. With its gently sloping fields, mild sea climate, few insects and organic natural pasture with a diverse range of flora, Furzedown Farm is the ideal location for equine livery and rehabilitation; providing a natural / horse like keep that provides daily turnout in large fields all year round.

As a fully qualified Equine Bowen Therapist, Caroline distinguishes herself by offering a full holistic approach that encompasses: - Management - Bodywork - Classical Training and our goal is to help educate both humans and horses. Facilities and Services on offer include:

  • Full, Assisted and DIY - Livery
  • Solarium
  • Farrier Room / Wash down box
  • Barefoot transitioning track
  • Horsewalker
  • Sand and PVC outdoor arena
  • Fully equipped Classroom
  • Rug washing and drying facilities
  • Veterinary stable with CCTV
  • Regular visits / clinics from Veterinarians and other equine health professionals
  • Reiki and Bowen treatments and healing shares
  • Wide range of shows, clinics, training and workshops

Ref: 2589-568

Commercial Events held at this venue can be listed in the NFED Diary free of charge. #freecommercial

Link: www.nfed.co.uk/d.php?ref=568

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