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Coppermead Equestrian Services - Lorraine Dearnley (MMCP)


Lorraine Dearnley BSc, MSc, is a fully insured, qualified Masterson Method Certified Practitioner (MMCP), who is also qualified in red light therapy and kinesiology taping. She is also currently training in JENT therapy, and can work on your horse as case studies where appropriate.

The Masterson Method is a unique multi-modality method of massage, which enables the horse to participate in releasing tension. As such, it can work on any horse, as we read what the horse is saying, releasing deep areas of tension. It works on the fascia, muscles and also movement of the joints in a relaxed state, so is a true whole body approach.

Treatments take around 1.5 hours, and some techniques can be shown to the client, to support your horse in between sessions. Red light therapy can also be performed, working on acupoints and also to relieve pain and inflammation.

There are regular clinics held in New Milton, with Tom Beech (The Osteopathic Vet) which is also attended by other Equine Professionals to make sure your horse gets a true whole body treatment. Please enquire for details of these clinics.

Lorraine owns a pony that has had stomach ulcers, and also one that has been diagnosed with PSSM1, so has experience managing these conditions, and can offer an owners perspective.

Lorraine is also a stockist of St Hippolyt and Havens feeds, which are suitable for all horses, whether they are good doers, those that are metabolically challenged and competition horses. If you wish to have a look at the feed, please text for a suitable time to pop over, as hours are flexible.

For Masterson Method and/or JENT treatments, there is a discount for two or more horses treated at the same yard, so please enquire.

Areas covered are The New Forest, Hampshire and Dorset. Please contact for any enquiries.

Ref: 2553-532

Link: www.nfed.co.uk/d.php?ref=532

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