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Bray (Sarah) Equine & Human SPORTS Massage Physical Therapist


Sarah Bray VTCT3 / ESMT IAAMT/ BHSAI - is fully qualified & insured.
15 years experience working in equine muscular assessment & therapy.
30 years experience working in equine industry.

Equine Appointment bookings cover:-
Head to Tail Sports Massage + Stretches
Discuss and assess current condition, considering possible causes & signs of tension, while interpreting the horses reactions and expressions.
Soft tissue therapy, using hands, fingers & elbow, to stimulate the soft tissues, promoting circulation, tissue drainage, muscle relaxation and pain relief
Myofascial release, treating fascial tension and restriction
Trigger point therapy using compression
Passive stretches to restore joints & muscles to full working range
Skeletal mobilisation, Un-restricting Skeletal range via massage, by promoting relaxation of contracted muscles.
Light Therapy, Red and Infrared light if required (pls request on booking)
Saddle / tack assessment if necessary

Appointment aim:- to locate & relieve muscular pain, improving bend, flexibility, movement, relaxation and performance.
Increasing and improving circulation, plus enhancing muscle tone.
In the event of an existing injury, massage is of great benefit to aid recovery and prevent atrophy (wasting) of muscles.

In addition to massage - Sarah also supplies ALL the range of Equinox Supplements. Please request on booking.

Ref: 2500-478


Link: www.nfed.co.uk/d.php?ref=478

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