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  • Full sized indoor arena with cushion track waxed surface.
  • Individual, well fenced paddocks.
  • Full show jumping course.
  • CCTV protected stable yard with hot wash and solarium.
  • Training horses of all levels and all disciplines.
  • Dressage and Showjumping lessons 
  • School master lessons on our own horses.
  • Mechanical horse simulator lessons.
  • Full livery.
  • Youngstock or rehab grass livery.
  • Horse Walker.
  • Off site XC clinics.

Hill Top Equestrian is based 7 miles east of Salisbury and offers fantastic facilities for livery and lessons.
Tammy runs regular evening and weekend jumping clinics based on years of experience which has been passed on through Pat Burgess and Captain Mark Phillips and many years eventing internationally herself.

We also offer individual or group dressage training. Specific help with position work and learning to apply correct aiding and use of the seat.

Tammy's training has been with several Portuguese masters, Mario Menosa, Louis Valencia, Miguel Ralao and Spanish Riding School masters Arthur Kottas and Herwig Ratnater, along with Phillipe Karl in France, and has also educated her own Lusitano up to high school.

We have an Equisimulator situated in a fully mirrored room for theory and simulated lunge lessons to help with riders balance and seat or to rehab if confidence has been lost or after injury.

Tammy has also enjoyed years of teaching ponyclub and children on their own ponies and has helped many from the beginning through to having their own successful eventing/competition careers.

For more information please visit the website or email or call Tammy on 07977508017/01722 712543

Ref: 1184-025

Commercial Events held at this venue can be listed in the NFED Diary free of charge. #freecommercial

Link: www.nfed.co.uk/d.php?ref=25

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