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NFED Equestrian Services Directory Submission

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We offer two Directory Listing options; Standard Listing with all the features, or a half price Economy Listing without the extras. Check out the comparison chart below to see which is best for your needs.

Payment Options
You can pay for a set time with a single payment by Card, Paypal, BACS, cheque or phone or select Paypal Subscription to pay monthly at no extra cost.

  Economy Listing Standard Listing
Number of Photos 1 12
Number of (Relevant) Categories 1 4
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Pay monthly (Most popular) ✅ £1.67 per month ✅ £3.34 per month
Pay with single payment 3 months ✅ £15.00
Pay with single payment 6 months ✅ £12.50 ✅ £25.00
Pay with single payment 12 months ✅ £20.00 ✅ £40.00
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All new or renewed listings will be featured under What's New & the Newsletter.

We reserve the right to refuse our business services to any business that we consider inappropriate, in competition or offer a duplication of any of the services that we offer.

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