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Companion/Grazing Role Required
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Lovely personable New Forest Gelding regrettably seeks companion or grazing role, as seemingly a ridden career is no longer possible.

9 years old, handsome, dark brown, lovely temperament and very easy in every way. Barefoot and low maintenance. Always admired and always a yard favourite. His requirements would be to live out and roam with company on fairly rough ground as he is a very good doer, and when not in 'work' does have a tendency to pile on the pounds.

I would keep him myself if I could find a grazing situation that would suit his needs, but I have no other horses and am finding that most yards' grazing is too rich/plentiful for a retired native. I don't think retirement to a tiny starvation area is a long term solution for his forward thinking mindset.

The pony is lovely and I can't stress enough the need to find the right situation for him. If anyone has a situation that might work for him on some sort of loan agreement then please contact me, likewise if anyone knows of any other options that I could pursue for him please let me know.

Link: www.nfed.co.uk/ad.php?ref=147025

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