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NFED Classifieds Guidelines & Advertising Rules
By posting an advert on the NFED, you are accepting & agree that it is in compliance with the following guidelines & rules. All adverts are checked by the administrator before approval, the advert will be rejected if the guidelines & rules have not been followed so please take the time to read through them. Adverts are subject to subsequent modification by the advertiser, so we reserve the right to remove any ads in violation of our guidelines or rules that are brought to our attention.

By posting an ad here, you agree to the following statement:
    I agree that I will be solely responsible for the content of all my classified ads that I post and that I will indemnify CKArt - NFED and hold it harmless for any losses or damages to myself or to others that may result directly or indirectly from any ads that I post here. I am the owner or legally entitled to advertise the items or animals. I am in possession of passports where required. All descriptions and claims including any known issues or problems are accurate to the best of my knowledge. I am either over 16 years of age or have permission of my parent or guardian to submit an advert. I have read, agree and will abide by all site terms of use, rules and pricing structure.

General Guidelines & Rules for the NFED Classifieds

Download Rules & Guidelines as PDF

  1. Advertiser Contact Details: For our protection & to provide the safest environment possible for both buyers & sellers, we DO NOT accept anonymous advertising on the NFED.

    * Only the town & county will be shown in all adverts.
    * Your name & phone number will be hidden in the advert unless you choose to show them.
    * The post code will remain hidden in the advert.
    * Your Email address will remain hidden & a form provided to forward all enquires to your Email address.
    All enquiries or messages from the administrator will be sent to this address, so please ensure it is a current Email address.

    Personal details will be kept in strictest confidence in line with the Data Protection Act 1998. They will not be used for advertising purposes or divulged unless requested by a legitimate investigating authority such as the Police or Trading Standards.The advert will be rejected if required details are not provided.

  2. Description: An adequate description of each individual item or animal must be provided. Various Items, call for details, other items available, see our website or similar will be rejected unless previously agreed with the administrator. When an advert is approved it is for the items or animals originally advertised only, exchanging or adding to these items or animals after approval is not permitted under any circumstances. The advertiser is legally responsible for ensuring that the description accurately describes the animal or items advertised. It is a criminal offence to falsely advertise or fail to mention any known problems or issues.

  3. Advert Prices: The standard insertion fee for an NFED Classified advert submitted online is £8.99.

    The standard fee applies to:
    * All horses & ponies offered for sale or rehoming regardless of value.
    * All horses & ponies offered or loan; including part loan, share, riding offered/rider wanted.
    * All other items or animals with a value of £175 or greater.
    * Any offered item or animal not displaying a price.
    * Liveries, grazing or property offered for sale or rent.
    * All animals offered for stud.
    * Any repeat advert resubmitted within 8 weeks or exceeding the fair usage limit (See guideline 10).
    * Goods sold, supplied, or produced to order/commission or as part of a trade or business without a current directory listing.
    * Feature a free advert.

    Providing the guidelines have been followed, the advert will be approved when the payment has been received. The advert will expire if payment is not received within two days.

  4. Free Adverts: Offered ads with value up to £174.99 (excluding horses or ponies) & wanted ads may be approved without payment at the administratorís discretion.
    All ads, free & paid go through exactly the same system, there is no automatic right or separate categories for free adverts.
    You will be given the opportunity to pay for the advert after submission. If your advert qualifies as a free advert & you do not wish to feature the advert, you can ignore the payment section & it will be approved on the next update.
    To prevent abuse of the offer, the administrator will check the advert against the following criteria. If there are any doubts whatsoever the advert will be subject to the standard payment before approval.

    * All required details must be supplied.
    * The advert must be submitted online by the advertiser.
    * All animals or items must be individually listed with description & clearly priced.
    * The advert must be submitted to the correct category.
    * The same or similar advert must not have been posted within the previous 8 weeks.
    * The advertiser must not have submitted more than 15 free adverts in the previous 30 days.
    * The advertiser must not have more than 30 free adverts online at any time.
    * Goods being sold, supplied, or produced to order/commission or as part of a trade or business will only qualify if the advertiser has a current listing in the Directory.
    * Charities & Sanctuaries must include their Charities Commission registration number in the advert.
    * Anyone involved with, promoting, administrating a website, social media group or page offering a similar service, allowing advertising or in competition with the NFED will not be eligible for free advertising.
    * Anyone suspected of deliberately abusing or attempting to cheat the system, acting, advertising or trading dishonestly, regularly ignoring guidelines, causing problems, being abusive to other NFED users or generally disparaging the site in any way whatsoever will no longer be eligible for free adverts. Any existing free adverts will be subject to removal without notice.

  5. Advert Payment Options: Making payments by credit/debit card or Paypal online is a safe, secure & the easiest way to pay for your adverts. We meet all the latest security standards & are certified as PCI DSS Compliant by Security Metrics on behalf of HSBC. All card payments are processed securely in real time by Sagepay, we do not have access to your card details.

    To Pay Online.
    Please Click Here to go to the shopping cart.

    To Pay by Phone.
    Please call 0843 2891 751, leave your name and number. We will return your call as soon as we can.

    To Pay by Cheque.
    Please make payable to NFED.
    Post to: NFED, Brushwood, Church Lane, Sway, Hants. SO41 6AD.
    Please write your advert number on the back.

    To Pay by Bank Transfer:
    Sort Code: 40 30 36
    Account Number: 31392743
    Reference: Your advert number
    As there is no automatic notification with bank transfers, please contact us by Email when the payment has been made.

    To Pay by Paym.
    Send your payment to mobile number 07826 857124 using your advert number as a reference.

  6. Approved Ads: New adverts are approved frequently throughout the day, 7 days a week including bank holidays, but please allow up to 24 hours. Only paying advertisers will receive confirmation of an adverts approval.
    Please note: Approved adverts are posted in the order that they are submitted (by Ad Number), not in the order that they are approved. We recommend paying for your advert as soon as possible, if there is going to be a delay, you are welcome to remove your advert & start again before paying. Once approved, your service has started & the advert is subject to the 8 week rule. If payment is required, but not received before 07.00 am on the second day after submission, the advert will expire automatically. The advert details will be kept for 28 days so that a replacement can be posted for you if late payment is made.

  7. Distant Selling Regulations 2000: By submitting & paying an insertion fee for an advert to be displayed on the NFED or upgrading to a featured advert, you are entering into a contract for an advertising service with CK Art - NFED. When the order is processed the service is deemed to have started. Any cancellation rights will end at this point as explained in the Distant Selling Regulations 2000 for online services. We would love to be able to guarantee that every advert will be successful & every enquiry genuine, this simply isnít possible. We are under no obligation to refund the payment for an advert that is unsuccessful or removed by either the advertiser or the administrator. Any refunds will be strictly at the administratorís discretion. When an advert is approved, it is for the animal/s or item/s originally submitted & is non-transferable. If a payment is reversed or cancelled after the contract has started, the advertiser will be in breach of contract & may be refused further use of the classifieds.

  8. Featured Ads: Paid Ads will be featured automatically providing they are suitable for an equestrian & countryside website. Paying for a free advert will make it eligible as a featured ad, but it must still be suitable. Featured ads will be copied to our NFED Classifieds RSS feed for inclusion on the NFED home, events, news & other popular pages. The RSS feed is also fed to our Mobile Website, Apps, Twitter, Google+ & Facebook pages & can be read by anyone using these sites or subscribing to our RSS feeds. The published copy is a snapshot of the advert at the time of approval, modify or deleting your main advert will not remove or alter the social media copy. If you do not want to feature your advert or would like it removed from the NFED social media pages, please contact the administrator.

  9. Rejected Ads: Your advert will be rejected without notice if required information has not been provided, the guidelines have not been followed or it is in the wrong category. Adverts submitted from advertisers either under investigation or having unresolved complaints against them will not be accepted. The administratorís decision is final & we reserve the right to refuse adverts or remove existing advert without explanation as this may affect any on-going police or trading standards investigation. If a paid advert is rejected before approval it will be refunded in full.

    We DO NOT Allow the Following Adverts:

    * Transport Wanted. Due to the complexity of horse transport regulations we do not allow adverts looking for transport hire, loan or share.
    * Employment Wanted. We DO NOT accept work wanted ads including work experience/apprenticeships wanted.
    * Business, Trade or Freelance services. Adverts offering any kind of business or service. Please use the Services Directory.
    * Websites. Adverts for websites, social networking groups, home working schemes will not be approved.
    * Prescription Drugs. It is illegal to sale or distribute prescription drugs, including unwanted or left over treatments.
    * Manure & Muck Heaps. As this is an equestrian site, we can be pretty confident that the majority or our users won't be requiring any extra manure.
    * UK Laws: No ad promoting activities that would be illegal under UK law shall be allowed.
    * Language: Foul, racist, personal attacks, aggressive behaviour or otherwise inappropriate language will not be tolerated. Any ads in violation of this rule will be rejected or are subject to being removed immediately and without warning.

  10. Fair Usage, Repeat, Replacement & Multiple Adverts: To provide a fair service to all of our users, any repeat advert or items previously advertised within the last 8 weeks do not qualify as free ads. If replacing a free advert that is over 8 weeks, please help us to keep the ads tidy by first removing the old advert, failing to do so may mean that your advert is rejected. If an advert is removed & replaced before 8 weeks, the new advert will not be approved without payment & the old advert cannot be recovered.
    There is a limit of 15 FREE advert submissions from the same person in any 30 day period or 30 active free ads at any one time. Advertisers are responsible for monitoring their own usage, although there is no automated system the administrator will check frequent advertisers by Email, phone number, items or IP address.
    Any advertiser found to be exceeding the limits, using multiple identities to get around limits or deliberately abusing the system in any way will no longer be eligible for free adverts.

  11. Moving Ads Back to the Top (Bumping up): The adverts cannot be moved. Each advert is given a unique number when submitted, the adverts are then in strict numerical order which cannot be changed. All advertisers would like to be at the top, but regular viewers really don't want to see the same adverts at the top all of the time. You certainly can't please everyone, so this is the fairest system & helps to prevent queue jumping. To bring an advert back to the top it must be replaced entirely. Please see FAQ’s for further details.

  12. Modifications: When an advert is approved, it is for the animal/s or item/s originally submitted only. We DO NOT allow animals or items to be replaced or added after approval, doing so is an abuse of the system. See guideline 24 for further details. If you mark the advert as sold, please return & remove the advert after a few days. Adverts marked as sold or obviously no longer required, will be periodically removed by the administrator.

  13. Two or more animals or items in one advert: We do permit more than one horse or item in an advert at no extra charge but certain restrictions apply. The advert cost is calculated on the value of the individual items or animals, not the total value. If any of the animals or items would normally require payment, the advert will be charged the standard payment of £8.99. The advert WILL NOT be renewed without payment under any circumstances to bring it back to the top. The advert is subject to removal without notice if items are removed leaving the ad in the wrong category.

  14. Website Links: Website links are not included with the adverts but maybe permitted at the administratorís discretion providing it is directly relevant to the advert, i.e further information, photos or video. Any links to commercial websites will be removed without notice unless the advertiser has a current listing in the Services Directory. If a removed link is replaced by the advertiser, the advert will be subject to removal. NFED Sponsors, i.e. any person or company with a current Services Directory listing, banner or affiliate page are permitted to include a link.

  15. Internet Safety: Anyone under the age of 16 must have their parent or guardians permission to post an advert. For your safety any advert showing an age of under 16 will be rejected if the name, phone number or Email address can be seen in the advert, or if the administrator considers that the advertiser is at risk. The administrator reserves the right to remove any ads, contact details or links that may put the advertiser at risk, or contact the parents or guardian of the advertiser to alert them to the risk. The NFED is registered with & fully endorses & supports the work of the Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre. Please visit their website www.ceop.gov.uk for further advice on online safety.

    The default setting will hide the name & phone number of the advertiser, the Email address will be hidden unless it is added to the main text of the advert or a reply is sent to an enquiry. By selecting to show a phone number or including an Email address in the advert text, you are overriding any safety features leaving no way of knowing or controlling who can contact you. Featured ads will appear on our Facebook page. Replying to any questions on Facebook will reveal your Facebook identity, giving access to your personal details. How much can be seen will depend on your Facebook security settings. The administrator will alert anyone leaving messages to contact the advertiser through the advert.

    To maximise exposure and increase your chances of success this is an open website, no membership is required to view your advert or contact the advertiser. Basic internet safety precautions should always be taken and you should be aware of online fraud and scams. NEVER give anyone contacting you, your personal or bank details, full or part pin numbers, passwords or send/wire them money for any reason whatsoever. If you are worried by any contact that you receive, please check Scam page. New scammers will be added to the offenders list when reported. We will make every effort to offer advice, block and warn of new scammers as soon as possible, but ultimately we cannot control who will see your advert or make contact with you, you use the NFED entirely at your own risk.

  16. Enquiries: Email enquiries will come from enquiries@nfed.co.uk. To respond, you must send a new email to the senders address shown in the Email. It is your responsibility to ensure that your advert works and enquiries are received correctly by your Email system. Certain ISPís, anti-spam software or a combination of the two, can identify enquiries as spam and inadvertently block them. To help to keep enquires out of the spam folder, please add enquiries@nfed.co.uk to your contacts or safe/white lists. Try sending an enquiry to your own advert and if this is not received, please see classified FAQs for possible solutions. If you respond to an enquiry it is sent via your usual Email route and will reveal your Email address. As with any Email, this is beyond our control and entirely at your own risk.
    The Email advertiser link will appear on all adverts. If you are worried about using your main Email address, why not set up a new free email account for advertising? This is a popular option for many regular advertisers on all websites. If you would rather not receive any replies to your advert by Email, you can exchange your own Email address for noreply@nfed.co.uk making sure to add a note in your advert text to say NO EMAILS and show a phone number. Anyone responding to your advert by Email will then receive an automated reply saying that the advertiser does not use Email and to contact you by phone instead.

  17. Equine Passports: To comply with government legislation, you must be in possession of a passport for all horses or ponies offered for sale or loan on this site. It is the advertiserís responsibility, but in the event of any problems or complaints we reserve the right to remove the advert until the passport has been produced. Failure to produce the passport to a trading standards officer may lead to a fine of up to £5000.

  18. Foals: For welfare reasons, please ensure that any foal advertised for sale is at least 4 months old.

  19. Rescues, Rehoming, Adoption, Companions , Charities & Sanctuaries: Adverts looking to permanently rehome an animal are treated as offered & subject to the same rules. The standard payment may be waived at the administratorís discretion for registered charities, providing all information including the charities commission registration number is provided.

  20. Photographs: All adverts will accept four photos in jpg, png or gif format up to a maximum size of 3Mb per image. The main photo must be present to trigger the further three photos to be shown. See Photo Help for further details.
    In all cases it is the advertisers responsibility to ensure that they hold copyright or have permission to use the photographs.

  21. HTML: Limited HTML is permitted in the advert text box at the administratorís discretion. Any advert containing html code that disrupts the smooth running of the site is subject to instant removal. I Frames other than those used for Classifieds Thumbnail Galleries or Youtube videos are not permitted. Imported pictures must be under 700 pixels wide & no more than 2 photos or videos in total. Any website links are subject to the standard link rules.

  22. Technical Issues: As with all Internet sites, there will be occasional technical issues or down time. Although frustrating for us all, this is beyond our control and we can accept no responsibility for lost advertising time or technical issues. If we are aware of a problem we will deal with it as soon as possible with information or updates posted on the support forum with links from "What's New". We recommend that everyone makes "What's New" their first port of call on every visit to make you aware of any ongoing issues, technical problems or changes to the site. Major ongoing problems or changes are also sent out to the mailing list & our Facebook page, both of which are linked from the home page.

  23. Successful or Unwanted Adverts: Classifieds adverts will expired after 180 days (six months). If your advert has been successful or is no longer required, please help us to keep the classifieds tidy by removing the ad via the control panel, this will allow other ads to move up the list. You are welcome to modify the ad or mark it as sold. The administrator will periodically remove ads marked as sold or no longer required. Please do not leave unwanted ads online without marking them; this is a major cause of frustration for the site users.

  24. Abuse of the System: Anyone suspected of deliberately abusing or attempting to cheat the system, using false names, multiple Email accounts, acting, advertising or trading dishonestly, regularly ignoring guidelines, causing problems, being abusive to other NFED users or generally disparaging the site in any way whatsoever may be blocked from modifying their adverts, no longer be eligible for free adverts, banned from advertising or have access to the site blocked by IP address. Any existing free adverts will be subject to removal without notice. This is entirely at the administratorís discretion.

  25. The www.nfed.co.uk reserves the ultimate discretion as to which ads or advertisers, if any, are in violation of these guidelines.

  26. The www.nfed.co.uk reserves the right to remove ads that are submitted to the wrong category.

  27. The www.nfed.co.uk administrator will make regular back ups of the classifieds data to enable a rebuild of the classifieds in the event of a server crash or other technical problems. Should the data be lost for any reason whatsoever, the www.nfed.co.uk will not be liable for refunds on lost advertising time. Any refunds will be totally at the discretion of the www.nfed.co.uk administrator.

    Trade or Dealer Advertising

    Under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 it is an offence in the UK if you fail to declare that you are a business seller in your advert. You are breaking the law if you mislead potential buyers into thinking that you are a private individual when you are business seller.
    Under UK law, if you sell goods in quantities which exceed the level that it would be reasonable for a private person to sell, it is probable that you would be deemed to be a trader and must therefore comply with trading standards legislation. If you are classed as a trader, advertise online and offer to send items by post, you would also come under the distance selling regulations.
    Adverts offering goods, supplied, manufactured to order, or regular ads offering multiple new items or with options such as a range of sizes or colours either on the NFED or elsewhere, will be treated as trade & not eligible for free ads without a current directory listing.

    By entering or using the NFED you have accepted these guidelines and our terms of use.

    Thank you. We hope that these guidelines will make the NFED Equestrian & Country Classifieds more enjoyable, safer and fairer for everyone.

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