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JP Agricultural Services


JP Agricultural Services specialise in low ground pressure spraying with Autotrac guidance, as well as flail topping, general paddock maintenance and conventional bailing.

Here at JP Agricultural Services we specialize in low ground pressure spraying, this is achieved using our up-to date John Deere gator and tandem axle 12m sprayer, meaning minimal compaction and reduced damage to the ground.

Our gator is equipped with Autotrac guidance; this is beneficial as it is more precise so causes less overlap of costly chemicals, saving you money.

Due to the size of the equipment, we can get into much tighter and smaller fields, where other larger equipment cannot.

Located between Romsey and Salisbury.

Contact today to discuss your needs.

Ref: 2590-569E

Link: www.nfed.co.uk/d.php?ref=569

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