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Pegasus Animal Chiropractic


Hazel Mellars, Chiropractor, BSc, MSc, DC. Fully qualified and insured, providing animal chiropractic across Dorset and Hampshire.

Maximise performance and comfort by maintaining joint mobility, muscular tone, and neurological function.

Treatments can help minimise risk of wear-out or injury, and maintains health and performance.

It can can help all disciplines of horse riding by improving:

  • Symmetrical movement
  • Bending
  • Collection
  • Lateral movements
  • Length of stride
  • Balance muscle development

Help your horse reach full potential!

For more info please visit: www.pegasuschiropractic.co.uk

Ref: 2498-476

Link: www.nfed.co.uk/d.php?ref=476

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