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Mobile THEraPLATE treatments and rehabilitation


Mobile THEraPLATE treatments for rehabilitation and performance, available around Hampshire/Dorset/Wiltshire at your yard.

The THEraPLATE is a unique and patented form of therapy using vortex wave stimulation, not vibrations!
The THEraPLATE provides a 0 impact experience preventing further injury or aggravating existing conditions.
The THEraPLATE improves healing, helps prevent further injury, aids optimum performance and recovery from strenous work.

The THEraPLATE has 4 zones that produce vortex waves - invisible to the eye but felt in the body. The THEraPLATE is the result of 30 years work and has many multiple case studies showing how the plate can aid in rehabilitation and performance.

How can the THEraPLATE help your horse?

  • Aids the healing of: soft tissue injury, bone fractures, wounds, laminitic cases.
  • Helps reduce: inflammation, pain, muscle soreness, scar tissue.
  • Increases: blood circulation, muscle tone, suppleness and relaxation

The THEraPLATE can be used In fitness programs aiding suppleness, relaxation, strength, condition and recovery before/after work.
The THEraPLATE helps give optimum conditions for your horse’s health and wellbeing whether for work/training/competition or rehabilitating from injury.

The THEraPLATE is fully mobile, only requiring mains power and a flat surface to operate. All horses enjoy standing on the plate and even go to sleep!

THEraPLATE treatment price is £20/per horse + travel cost dependent on mileage (travel cost split if 2+ on same booking).
Discount for yard bookings and multiple horses (3+), details discussed on booking.
Block booking discounts available - pay up front.

Please contact me via email or 07842 499613 should you like more infomation or to book a session.

Full and rehabilitation livery is also available with daily access to THEraPLATE treatments, please contact for more information to discuss your horses needs and for prices.

Ref: 2487-465E

Link: www.nfed.co.uk/d.php?ref=465

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