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Gilly Wheeler BHS Stage 5 Performance Coach in Complete horsemanship & UKCC BD Level 3 Coach


British Dressage Trainer and performance specialist . Gilly specialises in the overall performance of horse and rider and believes in giving more than just a lesson. (For more details see website.) Gilly is a group 3 rider having gained points at PSG and is a true believer in sports physiology and positive mental attitude. She has helped many riders improve their performance by focusing on key words and visualisation especially in the warm up arena were nerves can really take over. Gilly is keen to help riders of all levels. Gilly is a BHS examiner and runs stable management courses (see website for details)It is of paramount importance that your horses saddle fits correctly to enable your horse to perform to his best ability. An incorrectly fitted saddle can cause problems with mounting, shortness of stride, bucking, rearing or napping. The Port Lewis impression pad takes the guess work out of saddle fitting and allows you to check the fit of your saddle for as little as £40 a week, enabling you to check all your horses saddles in a yard and sharing the cost. Details can be e-mailed to your saddler. (For more information see website.)

Gilly Wheeler Personal Wellness Coach

* Sport & Fitness - Are you looking to improve your fitness and performance in sport?

* Healthy & Active Lifestyle - Are you looking to improve your energy?

* Weight Management - Are you looking to lose weight, gain weight or improve your health?

If so, ring Gilly and book a free wellness evaluation. 07788 587744 or Email gilly@gillywheeler.co.uk

Take the opportunity to discuss any weight or general health issues.

Did you know that 70% of all medical complaints are diet related?

Gilly will recommend a personalised nutrition and exercise programme based on your individual requirements, which will provide you with the best possible information for you to make the right choices. See http://www.aherbalifestyle.com for full details.

Ref: 1307-040

Link: www.nfed.co.uk/d.php?ref=40


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