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Pilgrims Equine Veterinary Services


Pilgrims is dedicated to providing a high quality and caring ambulatory service. Our equipment is fully mobile, allowing a high level of investigation to be carried out on your premises. At the same time, this gives you the opportunity to be immediately involved with your animal’s results and treatment plan process.

Our Services

*Vaccinations, health checks and behavioural advice
*Routine and advanced dentistry – diastema flushes, treatment of periodontal disease and use of mechanical power float for targeted and precise work
*Lameness investigations, including nerve blocks and other diagnostics
*Fully portable digital radiography (X-ray) unit with instantly viewable images
*Ultrasound unit for tendon injuries and pregnancy diagnosis
*PRP and Stem Cell Therapy for improved recovery from complex ligament and tendon injuries
*Laser Therapy for tendon injuries and orthopaedic issues
*In field surgery – castration (most done standing), wound repair, mass removal, including nurse support
*Poor performance evaluation, including endoscopy
*Internal medicine investigation
*In-house laboratory for blood samples, faecal worm egg counts and microscopy
*Rounds visits. Fundamental preventative health care should be made affordable and our vets focus this work in different areas on different days to give you discounted visits. Rounds covers vaccinations, dentistry, bandage changes and prescriptions checks

-Monday – Sandleheath/Damerham
-Tuesday – Downton
-Wednesday – Verwood
-Thursday – Cranborne
-Friday – Ringwood

*Free visit if 4 or more horses booked in at the same yard
*Close relationship with referral services should your horse/pony require specialist treatment
*Emergency out of hours cover- giving you the peace of mind you will always get through to one of our vets for assistance should you require it

Ref: 2310-287E

Link: www.nfed.co.uk/d.php?ref=287

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