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How To Post a New Classified Advert

Stick to the Rules
To save your time & ours, read the Guidelines & Rules which must be accepted them before you can proceed. If they are not followed or required information is not provided, the advert will be rejected.

Preparation. Writing your advert text & preparing the photo before you start allows you to submit an advert in seconds. We recommend that you first type your advert in MS Word or similar & save it. This will allow you to plan your advert, check spelling & you will have a copy of the advert if there is a problem. There is no need to format it, just plain text & avoid typing in UPPERCASE or txt tlk as it will make the advert much harder to read.

Stage 1 - Create your advert.

Go to the classifieds & click on the Submit new advert , then scroll down to the bottom of the page.
ick the accept conditions box & click on the Continue>> button to go to Stage 1.

Carefully fill in the submission form, ensuring that all required fields are completed. Click on for pop up help.
If you have previously prepared your advert & typed out your advert text, just copy & paste it into the form.

Click on the "Preview My Ad" button to continue to Stage 2.

Stage 2 - Preview advert.

Carefully check your advert, if there are any changes to be made, click on the "Go Back" button to return to Stage 1.

If you are happy with your ad, click on the "Post My Ad" button to add your advert to the database & continue to the final stage.

The advert is not saved until you click the "Post My Ad" button

Stage 3 - Photo & Payment.

The advert has now be saved in the database & given an advert number, but cannot be seen by the public until it has been approved.

You will be sent an automated Email containing your advert number, password & further details. If you do not receive the Email, please check any spam or junk mail folders as enquiries will go to the same place.

You can upload up to four jpg, jpeg, png, bmp or gif images no larger than 3Mb at this stage, or you can return & upload via the control panel at any time. It is always best to prepare photos before uploading them, crop, rotate & reducing the size will help to avoid uploading problems. Photos over 800 x 800 pixels will be resized automatically on upload.

If you have any problems with photos, Email them to us & we will upload them for you.

Free Ads
If your advert does not require payment, you have finished.

All adverts go through the same system so you will be given the option to pay, but you can ignore this if it qualifies as a free advert. If you are unsure whether your advert qualifies, try using the payment calculator.

Paid Ads
If your advert requires payment or you wish to feature a free advert, click on the "Add Advert to Cart" button to purchase it through our shopping cart system.

Over the next 24 hours, the administrator will check your advert. Providing everything is ok & any required payments have been received, the advert will be approved & go live on the site.

You can log in at any time (before or after approval) via the control panel using your advert number & password to modify, upload a photo or delete your advert.

If you have any problems or would like further details on any of the above, please check the Classifieds FAQ's before contacting us.
If you can't find the answer there, please: Email - Phone - Text

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