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The NFED is a small family business trading under the name of CK Art - NFED. Claire is also an established artist specialising in equine - animal art and New Forest scenes. In between running the NFED and looking after and riding our horses, we also produce and supply fine art prints, picture frames and create and run websites for others including the New Forest Livestock Society (Beaulieu Road Pony Sales).

Claire on Briar, New Forest Boxing day point to point and playing at Rockbourne. Pedigree

We breed New Forest ponies under the "Brushwood" prefix and are small commoners with just a few ponies running on the forest under the "CMK" brand, normally in the Burley/Wilverley/Brockenhurst area. We have our own land at Wootton where we keep our horses and have several youngstock scattered around the area in fields that we have rented, begged or borrowed in the best commoning tradition!

Steve on his horse Star (Copsem Cambridge Starburst). Pedigree
Sire TB x Welsh Section D. Dam Anglo Arab
The Weirs Drift 2012.
Photo copyright Sally Fear

The main NFED office is in our home in the village of Sway in the New Forest, but the site can also be run from our daughters house in Poundbury, Dorset. As nearly all communication is carried out online there is no need to keep to office hours. Phone messages are delivered by Email, so can be picked up from either location.

Everything from the website design, to photography and graphics is carried out in house. This gives a unique personal service, helps to keeps running cost to a minimum and makes the NFED very efficient to run with updates made regularly throughout the day, 365 days a year. Very few sites, if any can match this, one of the reasons why over the years the NFED has become so successful. The cost savings are passed on to the users, giving great value for money to advertisers. Since its launch in 1999 the site has received several awards and was a runner up in the prestigious Hampshire Web Awards 2007 in the interactive category.

The NFED is intended to cover all aspects of horses and riding in the central southern area and we are very keen to promote and help the New Forest and support commoning where ever possible.

We hope you enjoy using the NFED and always welcome your comments and suggestions.

If you appreciate the NFED, the most important thing to do is tell others about it.

Steve & Claire Kitcher

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Claire and Steve on their old horses, Mitch and Briar.
Hats were only removed for the photo!

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