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Targeted Worming Talk - Fri 3rd May, Ringwood. Plus £10 worm egg counts on the night!

Please join us for a free, fun, interactive evening On Friday 3rd May, 7.30pm at Greyfriars Community Centre, Ringwood.

We are aware that client compliance with worming programmes is generally quite low and usually not due to cost (the annual cost of a complete worming programme often being equivalent to one shoeing!) but due to not knowing what to do when, or why.

During the evening Beth and Verena who are both RCVS Advanced Practitioners in Equine Practice will discuss:

- Emerging resistance to wormers

- What worm egg counts and tapeworm ELISAs actually tell us

- How and when to perform them correctly

- Why expert interpretation is so important

- Why they are the cornerstone to slowing down resistance and therefore protecting our horses' health long-term.

Sadly, we still see serious cases of worm disease every year even in horses with very dedicated owners who believe they are worming safely, due to misunderstandings and misinterpreted worm egg counts. We are really passionate about educating horse owners to prevent this from ever happening to any of you and hope you will join us for an educational evening.

We will also introduce our bespoke, complete annual worming programmes which include complimentary text-message reminders for every step of the worming programme which are therefore proving really popular.

Worm egg counts will be available on the evening at the discounted price of £10 per sample which includes expert advice as well as the option to enrol at no further cost for complimentary text message reminders. To take advantage simply bring along a fresh (less than 4hrs old) sample of manure with 5 pinches from 5 faecal balls. Place in a bag or container, expel the air and refrigerate until delivered to us on the evening. DO NOT just pick up one ball of poo - sampling technique is crucial for a safe, reliable result, and it takes seconds to do properly!

Tickets are FREE on a first come, first served basis. Email to secure your place. Light refreshments will be provided. We will have a charity collection on the night to raise money for the International Society of Equitation Science.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Get ready for summer by cleaning and packing away winter rugs.
24 hour turn around available for rugs dropped to Braishfield ready for the season.
Free collection and drop off for over 10+ rugs within a 25 mile radius of our new base - SO51 0QJ
Boots, bibs, numnahs and dog beds can also be cleaned.
All returning customers receive 20% off all future orders (excluding 3 for 2 order).

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Call Nicky on 07769698970 or email

Allington Equine
Pucknall Farm Stables
Dores Lane
SO51 0QJ


Vaccination Amnesty Month! Stamping on Flu Together!

Equine Influenza is both extremely infectious and contagious and so the best way of stopping both your horse and other horses from becoming infected is to vaccinate.

As a disease the signs of flu can vary from a few days of running a high temperature accompanied by the classic snotty nose and harsh dry cough, to serious life-threatening infections.

“Why should I vaccinate?”
Firstly, your horse will feel exactly the same as we do when we have the flu – rotten. Also, in becoming infected your horse stands a real chance of infecting many others with the virus. Finally, as you are all probably aware, to compete your horse you will need an up to date passport demonstrating your horse’s up to date vaccination status.

We are often complacent about this disease because we expect horses to be vaccinated. However, the proportion of horses vaccinated in the UK falls well below that which is required to prevent a major disease outbreak. Should a major outbreak occur with a new virus strain then unvaccinated horses will suffer severe and potentially fatal diseases and vaccinated horses may also be affected. Multiple small outbreaks occur every year in the UK, and major outbreaks have occurred before and may well occur again.

In March, we will be running a vaccination amnesty campaign to help protect as many unvaccinated/overdue equines as possible.

During the month of March, all horses, ponies and donkeys that start their vaccination course will receive the 2nd vaccination in April FREE OF CHARGE!***

To book an appointment or for further information, please call our reception team on 02380 814155 or e-mail

***Vaccine cost only, visit fees still apply. The offer is only open to equines that are over 9 months of age and have not yet been vaccinated against equine influenza or are overdue an annual booster. First vaccination must take place in March.

Tel: 02380814155

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Celtic Equine Vets Ltd, The Old Barn, Minstead, Lyndhurst, SO43 7FY


Last minute winter rug cleaning.
Have your summer rugs cleaned and packed away.
24 hour turn around available for rugs dropped to King’s Somborne.
Free collection and drop off for over 10+ rugs.
Boots, bibs, numnahs and dog beds can also be cleaned.
See our website for prices.
All returning customers receive 20% off all future orders (excluding 3 for 2 order).

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Call Nicky on 07769698970 or email

Job Vacancy - New Forest Equine Vets

We invite applications for an assistant to the veterinary directors of New Forest Equine Vets.

We are looking for one or two motivated, responsible people to assist the directors/vets in a varied role in our two-vet mobile equine veterinary practice. We work hard, are dedicated to providing excellent care to our patients and are looking for applicants that will share our ethos and values.

For more information please Click Here or visit

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