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NFED Service Status, Site News, Upgrades & Support

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26-05-2017, 07:12

RSS Feeds are used to share ads & news to our mobile website & social media pages.

You can use RSS readers on your browser, tablet or smart phone to keep on top of the latest updates without having to visit the site.

Just check out the app store for the best RSS readers, then add any of the following URLs to create your own personal mobile site.

The following feeds are available.

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Foals & Youngstock Offered
Project Horses & Ponies Offered
Full Loans Offered
Share, Part Loan & Riding Offered
Saddles Offered
Lorries & Trailers Offered
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Employment Offered
Tack Offered
Horse Wear
Carriage Driving
Rider Wear
General Equestrian

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10-05-2017, 09:26

New Classifieds Contact Form

The simplified form now opens in a lightbox, so the advert stays live in the background. Fill in the form, send the enquiry, receive confirmation message then close the light box & the advert will still be there.

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29-04-2017, 06:09

DoS Spam Attack Update

Last night, we had our first serious DoS spam attack which resulted in several thousands spam Emails being sent from sample@email.tst in a very short time (around 10 minutes). The Emails were sent as classifieds enquiries using the standard form, so no email address details were revealed.
The attack was spotted very quickly & the sender’s IP was blocked, but so many Emails were sent in such a short time it overwhelmed the system which meant the queued Emails were still being sent after stopping the attack. Another 5,000+ emails were successfully stopped & deleted before being sent.

The site was shut down overnight to rule out a repeat attack. We received a back-up copy of every Email sent, so fully understand frustration of clearing unwanted Emails.
The attack originated from a server in the Seychelles. No data was lost, just a huge inconvenience for us & anyone receiving the Emails. Unfortunately, DoS attacks are very hard if not impossible to prevent & can happen to any website. We can only apologise to anyone that was inundated with Emails.

If you are worried about receiving Emails from a classified advert, the Email option can be switched off via the modify advert option. This will show your phone number as a contact. If you are going to use any website or social media platform, it is a good idea to set up a separate Email address to protect your personal or main Email address.

Update: It looks like only four adverts were targeted. Three free ads & one paid advert, which has now been refunded for the inconvenience.

To prevent a re-occurrence, the server setting for the number of Emails sent per hour has been changed from the default unlimited, to 50 per hour. Should it ever happen again, that will severely restrict the number of Emails sent before we have time to deal with the sender. At busy times there may be a slight delay on Emails, but they won’t be lost.

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09-04-2017, 15:56

Photo Lightbox Upgrade
The software used to view photos on the classifieds has been upgraded to the latest version. This gives better compatibility with tablets, phones & desktop computers. It also has a built in thumbnail viewer & slide show. I’ve tried it on all the main desktop & IOS browsers, but please let me know if you have any problems.

For anyone wanting to know the technical side. We upgraded From Fancybox 2 to Fancybox 3 Beta some time ago as version 3 provided touch control for tablets & phones. This seemed ok, but as the full version has now been launched we have upgraded to ensure that we can keep up with all future updates.

Installation Updates

11-04-17: Issue with browser back button resolved.
12-04-17: Thumbnail viewer disabled. Not required.
14-04-17: Now added to the Services Directory.

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02-04-2017, 06:56

Clearer Home Page Links.

This week we have had classified ads submitted in the services directory, services in the classifieds & been asked where to advertise events. To help remove any confusion, the buttons to each of the four main sections have been replaced with much larger, clearer icons. Hopefully this will help.

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22-03-2017, 07:45

The NFED is for EVERYONE – NO Membership Required.

I’ve had a few people contacting me lately asking for event details that are not in then NFED Diary, but are on Facebook. They couldn’t see them as they didn’t have or want a Facebook account. There are also many new online entry systems becoming available, each only showing events that are registered with that system.

The NFED Event Calendar is for everyone, there is no need to log in or have an account to view it. Schedules can be downloaded & links will be provided to bona-fide online entry pages regardless of which system is used, allowing users to see all events in the area in one place & still enter online if they wish.

If you are organising an event, regardless of what other systems you are using, please remember to also post it on the NFED so it is available for EVERYONE.

It is completely free for all open events, detail will go out under What’s New, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & the NFED mailing list giving a huge coverage that is open to all with no exclusions.

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12-02-2017, 15:55

Minor Event Diary Mods

A new category added for “Sponsored, Pleasure & Fun Rides”.
Don’t forget that the filter can be used in conjunction with the search. If you are looking for a dressage clinic, select the “Clinics, Demonstrations & Training” category & then search for “Dressage”. All the dressage clinics will be listed.

New icons will be used on all new diary entries for Venue Directory Listings, Instructor Directory Listings & Schedules. This should make it much clearer to anyone viewing the calendar that further information is available.

The new diary has been online for over a year now. Over 2000 events have been submitted, many thousands of views & absolutely no feedback or complaints have been received, so it must be a success!

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02-02-2017, 14:44

Service Directory Updates

You can now link to your website & Facebook page from the contact details section of the Directory Listings. If you would like your listing updated with a link or in any other way, please contact us.

A Business News Submission form has been added. Fill in the form, attach a couple of photos & your news will be posted on the Business News page for you. It will also be copied onto the newsletter, Facebook, Twitter & Google+ giving a massive audience at no cost. This is only available with a current Standard Directory listing.

For further details on how to use the NFED for your business, please see

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27-01-2017, 08:38

Updated Event Submission Form

Schedule & Entry forms can now be uploaded via the submission form. They can still also be sent in via Email if preferred or when available.

Extra Dates. If the event is on other dates, please include the dates in DD-MM-YY format and a separate event will be included for each date.

Equo Events: If you are taking online entries via Equo Events, just enter the four-digit event number & a link will be included in the event details. For other online entry systems, the full URL to the correct page must be included.

New fields have been added for the contact details, phone &/or Email.

The form is at:

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25-01-2017, 08:36

Hay, Haylage & Straw Sales

There are quite a few unpaid trade Hay, Haylage & Straw Sales ads coming through.

Private Sales
We understand that many people make their own hay or haylage & wish to sale the surplus. If this is genuinely the case, the advert may be classed as a private sale & approved without payment at the administrator’s discretion.

Trade Sales
Hay, Haylage & Straw being regularly advertised on the NFED or elsewhere, offering delivery or different choices will be classed as trade. Trade adverts will only be approved without payment if the advertiser has a current Standard Directory listing in the Hay Straw & Bedding category.

We apologise if this does seem confusing, but we do want to be able to offer free ads to those with a few bales to move, but also look after our sponsors that make the free ads possible.

For further information, please see - Hay, Haylage & Straw Sales

The answers to most questions can be found in the Help & FAQs if not please post the question here or feel free to Contact Us
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