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Ford Farm Open Dressage with NPS qualifiers 28/12/14
Prelim 13
1 Dawn Vear Kilncopse Arbella lg m&m Q
2 Maddy Eardley Brock Beulah              sm m&m Q
3 Lorna Maidment Greencottage Jasmine lg m&m Q

Sarah Goddard    

Saris Salsa  
5 Olivia Matthews Mockbeggar Chester Junior Q
6 Georgie Sparkes Brittans Sultan   PB Q
  Tilly Emm Moonshine Bertie Mini Q
  Nelle Lowe Mynach Chandler Junior Q  
  Kate Brown Damson Bay Button PB Q
  Caroline Thrower Ashley Ophelia sm M&M
  Elinor Davis Wycroft Domingo BRPony Q
Novice 34
1 Equal Lorna Maidment Greencotage Jasmine lg m&m Q
1 Equal Dawn Vear Kilncopse Arbella  
2 Louise Downing Mockbeggar Peach lg m&m Q
3 Sarah Goddard Saris Salsa  
4 Olivia Matthews  Mockbeggar Chester Junior Q
5 Martyn White Beevekarda Berteam  
6 Maddy Eardley Brock Beulah sm m&m Q
  Georgie Sparkes   Brittons Sultan PB Q
  Elinor Davis Wycroft Domingo BRPony Q
  Caroline Thrower Ashley Ophelia     sm m&m Q
  Jemimia Downing Bailey mini Q

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Connecting the central southern equestrian community.

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