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DBD Dressage 29-05-16
Ladies in Lavender Valley

Class 1 Walk & Trot A
1st      Bethany Unsworth               Tilly
2nd     Louise Longson                    Hafrena Burt
3rd      Zoe Churchwood                  Crabbswood Jenifer (BTO)

1st       Brodi Beck                            Troy
2nd      Katie Edwards                      Hywlog Imperial
3rd       Kirstie Tynan                        Rowhills Rhapsody
4th       Steph Marchant                    Lady Valentine
5th       Jenni Mercer                        Andy
6th       Emma Seager                       Millerany Majic
7th       Freddie Harding                   Tia

1st      Pauline Defue                      Mirage
2nd     Susan Bullock                      George 111
3rd      Jenine Wills                         Cashmere

Series Champion
Pauline DeFue                     Mirage

Class 2 Make up your own A
1        Bethany Unsworth               Tilly
2nd    Pauline Defue                      Mirage
3rd     Steph Marchant                   Lady Valentine
4th     Georgia Harrison                 Triplebank Jackpot
5th     Jenine Wills                          Cashmere

Series Champion
Pauline Defue                       Mirage

1st      Vickie Pearson                    Bounty
2nd      Bex Hallewell                    Atia (BTO)
3rd      Jade Roberts                      Nelson
4th      Katie Edwards                    Hywlog Imperial

Series Champion

           Alyson Arkell                       Rebel Rebel

1st      Alyson Arkell                        Rebel Rebel
2nd     Serena Unsworth                  Jack

Series Champion
Alyson Arkell                        Rebel Rebel

Class 3 Prelim B
1st      Jade Roberts                        Nelson
2nd     Anna Burton                         Brandy
3rd      Bex Hallewell                       Atia

Series Champion
Anna Burton                         Brandy (BTO)

1st      Alyson Arkell                       Rebel Rebel
2nd     Serena Unsworth                 Jack

Series Champion
Alyson Arkell                      Rebel Rebel

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