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DBD Dressage 27/9/15 Ladies in Lavender

Class 1 Walk & trot a,b,c
1st   Louise Longston                     Hafrena Burt
2nd   Beth Unsworth                      Tilly
3rd   Harriet White                         Ballinclough Rachel

1st   Lynette  Longston                  Hafrena Burt
2nd   Katie Edwards                       Grizby

1st   Serena Unsworth                   Jack (BTO)
2nd   Pauline Defeu                       Mirage
3rd   Angie Green                          Domino
4th   Hazel Lappin                         Joker

Class 2 Make up your own test a&b
1st   Georgia Harrison                   Rebel Rebel (BTO)
2nd   Pauline DeFeu                       Mirage
3rd   Elicia Page                             Jimblack
3rd   Harriet White                        Ballinclough Rachel (pair)

1st   Alyson Arkell                         Rebel Rebel

Class 3 Prelim 7 a&c
1st   Elicia Page                            Jimblack

1st   Alyson Arkell                        Rebel Rebel ( BTO)

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Connecting the central southern equestrian community.

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