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DBD Dressage 25/10/15 Rushall Park Sand Arena

Class 1a  Walk & Trot 16yrs & under
1st   Maddie Williams            Willow
2nd  Imogen Keane                 David  BTO

1b  17yrs & over
1st   Becky Churchouse            Duchess
2nd  Becky Churchouse            Bess
3rd   Emma Seager                   Millenary Magic
4th   Claire Clarke                    Pawprints
5th   Katie Edwards                  Hwylog Imperial

1c 40yrs & over
1st    Claire Keane                     Merrafield Black Pearl
2nd   Alaina Wright                   Brandy
3rd   Heather Maddox               Guiness
4th   Becky Dean                       Luna
5th   Jenni Mercer                     Andy
6th   Bonny Randol                    Duchess

Class 2a Make up your own test Walk & Trot
1st   Georgia Harrison               Rebel Rebel

2b Walk Trot & Canter
1st    Alyson Arkell                     Rebel Rebel BTO
2nd   Lauren Pitman                   Hollybrooke Houdini

Class 3a Plm 7 16yrs & under
1st   Imogen Keane                    Merrafield Black Pearl
3b 17yrs & over
1st   Claire Clarke                      Pawprints
2nd   Anna Burton                     Brandy  BTO
3rd   Alice Mursell                     Primo De Vida
4th   Rory Jeffrey                       Ginger
5th   Jacqui Long                        Jester
6th   Lauren Pitman                   Hollybrooke Houdini

3c 40yrs & over
1st    Alyson Arkell                    Rebel Rebel
2nd   Bridget Hansford              Conor
3rd   Jacqui Long                        Jester
4th   Becky Dean                        Luna
5th   Jane Hobday                       Blackwell Rock Steady

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Connecting the central southern equestrian community.

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