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Post and rail fenced grazing in Hambledon: 6 acres in 2 fields.
Stables, Fields, Livery Offered
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Two fields up a 50m track, comprising 6 acres with new post and rail fencing for £210/month. This includes water rates and water supplied to the field in a safe trough. Items may be stored on the track at grazierí risk. No damage to be caused to fences by cribbing or in any other way. Maintenance of the fence is the grazierís responsibility. Muck has to be removed to a place between fencing and the edge of field, which is stock fencing. Land was initially used for horses and then sheep Ė hence stock fencing. Recently let to a grazier who damaged all the fencing- hence post and rail fencing is new. No sub-letting allowed. No buildings may be erected. Sycamore trees on the boundaries of the field will need to be fenced off from horses when in seed, for the horsesí safety. The fields have been used safely by horses since September 2016.

Link: www.nfed.co.uk/ad.php?ref=148169

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