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Diary Event Submission Form

The easiest way to add your event is to use the submission form below, but if you prefer or if you have several events to add, you can Email the following details for each event to editor@nfed.co.uk & attach any schedules/entry forms.

1: Event Title
2: Event Date (dd-mm-yy)
3: Event Location
4: Event Details
5: Contact Details. Phone &/or Email.
Note: Links to websites or social media pages will not be included.

6: For Free Commercial Events - Charity Number, Club, or Directory Listing number.

Open Events are all completely FREE of CHARGE
Including: Shows, Competitions, SJ, Dressage, XC, Sponsored/Fun Rides, Country Fairs, Meetings & Social Events, etc ....
Commercial Events
Clinics, demos, promotional/open days, training courses, course hire, book a slot, car boots, shop, table or tack sales, etc ....

If the venue has a current Standard Directory Listing


If the instructor has a current Standard Directory Listing


If organised by a BRC recognised club or organisation

If held in aid of a registered charity FREE of CHARGE
Please include the relevant charity number, club or directory listing details in the Notes for Admin.

For all other commercial events, there is an admin fee of:

If you hold commercial events, why not take out a Standard Directory Listing? Each event will link to your listing. Click Here

Contact Details
Contact Phone & Email: (Shown on the Event) Please include either phone number, Email or both of the organiser/secretary.
Admin Email: (Not Shown on the Event) Is the person submitting this event, not necessarily the event organiser/secretary.
No Website or Social Media Links.
Directory Links
Instructors & Venues with a current directory listing will have links included in the event details.
If you don't have a listing, but would like to know more Click Here or contact us.
Other Dates
If the same event is being held on other dates at the same venue, enter the dates in DD-MM-YY format.
Schedules & Entry Forms - Optional
Either upload using the form below (max 3Mb) or Email forms to: editor@nfed.co.uk
Schedules & Entry Forms must be held on our server to be included.
Online Entries - Optional
For Equo Events or My Riding Life - You can enter either the event reference number or full URL.
For other online booking systems, enter the FULL URL to the CORRECT ONLINE entry page. ("Find us on" will not be accepted)


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