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Pegasus Images - Mopley Riding Club's Annual Show

We have finished the editing and uploading of all the images that were taken at the Mopley Riding Club's Annual Show which was held at Fawley Fields on Sunday 16th July.

Another great Annual Show with everyone enjoying the well run day.

All the images are now available on our website for viewing and ordering.

Please enjoy the pictures !!!

Previous Events
Mopley Riding Club's Show Jumping 21-05-17

Don't Be Doubtful Show - In Hand & Ridden practice event 24-04-17

Please enjoy the pictures !!!
POLITE REMINDER: All Images are copyright but are available for viewing and ordering. Copying of any of our images is strictly prohibited (this includes putting them on social media outlets such as Facebook, Pinterest etc.).

We are very sorry to write this to everyone, but we can see a large increase in the numbers of people doing this. :-(

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Horse-e-Things 10% Off Pony Club Camp Lists

10% Off Pony Club Camp Lists
Open to ALL branches of The Pony Club
Bring your list in store to qualify!

Horse-e-Things. Richmond Farm, Brickworth Road, Whiteparish, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP5 2QG
Phone: 01794 884234

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Free ACTH lab test for PPID (Cushings)

As part of the Talk About Laminitis campaign, New Forest Equine Vets are offering free ACTH laboratory tests from 1st June - 31st October for PPID (Cushing's disease), which affects at least 15% of horses over 15 years of age and is the most common cause of laminitis in older horses.
PPID is the sixth most common condition diagnosed in equines in the UK and as it is a progressive disease, it is important that diagnosed cases are monitored regularly.

Although commonly thought of as a disease of older animals, research has shown more than 40% of horses and ponies aged 10-15 years with at least one clinical sign of PPID tested positive.

Common clinical signs associated with PPID are:
- Laminitis (often recurrent)
- Long or excessive hair growth
- Abnormal fat distribution: pot belly, loss of muscle condition and a wasted topline,
- Fat pads around the eyes (peri-orbital fat)
- Excessive/patchy sweating
- Increased drinking and urination
- Lethargy/poor performance
- Recurrent infections eg foot abscesses, parasites, sinusitis

Testing is quick and easy, with a single blood sample which can be taken at any time and combined with our FREE first visit for new clients.

Please give New Forest Equine Vets a call on 01425 600080 or send us a facebook message if you would like to discuss testing or PPID with one of our vets, who are both highly experienced Advanced Practitioners in Equine Practice.

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New Forest Equine Vets - FREE first pre-booked visit for all new client registrations

Free first pre-booked visit when you register with New Forest Equine Vets. Consultation, medicines and/or procedures will be charged as standard. Call us today 01425 600080 or complete your registration online

New Forest Equine Vets is a small team of two dedicated equine vets, with a real passion for what we do. We are able to offer a high quality, very personal, consistent and affordable service, providing continuity of care for every individual horse, pony and donkey that we see. Dr Beth Robinson BVScCertAVP(EP) MRCVS and Dr Verena Jolly BVScCertAVP(EP) MRCVS are both highly experienced, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons post-graduate certificate holders in Advanced Veterinary Practice.

We bring our expertise and modern, portable equipment to you, delivering the high quality service you would expect of a clinic-based practice, without the associated costs. This also allows you the opportunity to be fully involved with the diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care of your horse, pony or donkey in the comfort of his/her own home.

We provide our own 24/7 emergency service, 365 days a year, giving you the peace of mind that no matter what time of day or night, your horse will be attended by a Certificate-holder in Advanced Equine Practice.

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Allington Equine Rug Cleaning Offer 3 for 2 on Everything.

Spring Clean offer.
3 for 2 on all items including numnahs, boots and rugs until 31st May 2017

Hand out of rug cleaning vouchers at the Dean Farm Hunter Trial SO20 8ER on 07-05-17
We will be at the Hursley Hambeldon Hunter Trial giving out rug cleaning vouchers. This will also be a ‘pop-up collection point’ if you’d like to leave any rugs with us on the day to be cleaned – 3 for 2 offer will apply to this event.

New Collection Points
We have new collection points at Grovely Pet Care, Alton GU34 4BH and Flagstaff Stables, Winchester SO22 5QL. Drop off your rugs when passing and we’ll have them cleaned and back to you.
Looking for more collection points – free rug cleaning for all collection point businesses/yards/owners please contact Nicky.

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