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NEW FOREST EQUINE VETS - FREE Cushing's disease lab tests for ALL horses & ponies, even those with PPID on Prascend

New Forest Equine Vets are offering FREE ACTH laboratory tests for ALL horses & ponies, even those who have been diagnosed with PPID (Cushing's disease) and are currently on treatment.

Approximately 90% of laminitis cases are caused by an underlying hormonal imbalance, most commonly PPID (Cushing's Disease) and Equine metabolic syndrome (EMS).

For those animals with PPID, careful monitoring through ACTH lab testing allows effective treatment, enabling most horses and ponies with PPID to lead a very happy and normal life. By being proactive you will not only improve your horse’s quality of life, but will also be less likely to have to face the expense and distress of coping with laminitis and the other clinical signs of PPID which include:

- Abnormal hair coat
- Abnormal fat distribution: pot belly, loss of muscle condition and a wasted topline
- Fat pads around the eyes
- Excessive/patchy sweating
- Increased drinking and urination
- Lethargy/poor performance
- Recurrent infections e.g. foot abscesses, sinusitis

During the autumnal period (August, September and October), the ACTH test which is used to detect PPID (Cushing’s Disease) is at its most sensitive. For this reason, we would recommend testing of all horses who have shown suspicious symptoms, those who have previously had a borderline ACTH result and monitoring those with PPID currently on treatment.

Offer available until 31st October 2017. Contact us on 01425 600080 or for more information

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**NEW COLLECTION POINT** for Allington Equine Rug Repairs & Cleaning

We have a new collection point in the New Forest at G.M Equestrian. Manor Farm, Wittingsford Lane, Bramshaw, SO40 2PR.

All you have to do is drop your rugs with Gemma and her team and we will pick up, clean and repair as needed and drop off again letting you know that they're ready to be picked up.

All of our fantastic offers are applicable with using our collection points.

Visit our website or call Nicky on 07769698970 for more information.

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3 for 2 on Rug Washing and Proofing from Allington Equine

Check out our autumn 3 for 2 offer!
Get summer rugs cleaned, repaired and packed away ready for next year.
We offer a 24 hour turn around service for those last minute winter rugs which need cleaning to use soon.
Free collection for 10 or more rugs.

Visit our website or call Nicky on 07769698970 for more information.

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Horse-e-Things Autumn Rug Event Saturday 30th September

Saturday 30th September - In Store Only

Over 1000 rugs in stock, and discounts & promotions on ALL rugs!

Rambo-Rhino-Amigo-Shires-Weatherbeeta-Rhinegold-and more!

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The Barn Gastroscopy Clinics

As part of our healthy horse focus, along side our 'Weight Wise' campaign, during October 2017 we will be running Equine gastric ulcer clinics to shine a light on the internal well-being of your horses and ponies.

These clinics will take place Mon - Fri throughout October at The Barn Equine Surgery and will provide a cost effective way to check up on your horse or ponies internal health before the winter approaches.

FIXED PRICE of £140.00 inc vat which includes sedation & overnight stabling the night before.

Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 01202 823512

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